Sustainable Event at BATIC 2024

BATIC 2024 will implement a set of protocols that event organizers, operators, and entities can adopt to minimize the environmental impact of events and promote eco-friendly practices. These protocols encompass a wide range of measures to ensure that events do not adversely affect the location, community, or society from an environmental perspective.

The necessity for sustainability in BATIC events is evident when considering their ecological impact. Traditional in-person events often overlook the analysis of generated waste. While most event planning metrics focus on participant numbers and interactions, the waste produced during an event is seldom systematically assessed or taken into account.

From the excessive use of electricity to the disposal of plastic utensils, various factors contribute to environmental impact. Beyond the conspicuous instances of waste, there are also subtle and less noticeable influences that may go unnoticed.

The escalating environmental concerns and societal expectations make sustainable event planning not just a luxury but a contemporary imperative. Essentially, organizing a sustainable event confers a competitive edge in the industry.