Charity Run

Kick off the next day with our invigorating Charity Run event, an excellent way to start your morning with a burst of energy and purpose. Join fellow participants for a refreshing run that not only promotes fitness and well-being but also supports a worthy cause. Enjoy the scenic route as you take in the beautiful surroundings of Bali, and feel the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm as we run together for charity.

This event offers a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the community while energizing yourself for another exciting day at BATIC. By participating in the Charity Run, you will be supporting local initiatives and making a positive impact. We encourage everyone to join in and help raise funds for a cause that resonates with our collective mission and values.

The run will start from The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, providing a picturesque and inspiring backdrop for this meaningful activity. Lace up your running shoes, join us in this charitable endeavor, and make a difference while enjoying the beautiful scenery and engaging with fellow BATIC attendees.


We will open the donation link soon, allowing you to register for the run and make a donation.