BATIC 2019 Highlights

The 2019 Bali Annual Telecommunications Conference 2019 was a huge success. Check out these highlights and see why we anticipate even bigger and better turnout in 2020. 

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What they say about BATIC

" This is my sixth time coming to BATIC. I see a lot improvement year by year and this year is the best one I have ever attended. I can see a lot of different industry player coming and we can cooperate and develop new business at the same time. "

Benney Cheng - Head of Strategic Project & Development at PCCW Global

" I think it's a really good event. The whole impression was really good. I think I would definitely try to come the next year as well, maybe even get more involved and bring more people into this conference. "

Damian Rodrigo - Regional Director - Asia, TNZI

" What I like about BATIC is in the morning you have speakers and they always give like great insights of the industry and I learn a lot from listening to the speakers and after that we have the networking part. That's where we get to interact with the customers and partners where we can form views and do great business together. And it is such a amazing place in Bali that we always be able to interact better with each other. "

Cheong Yew Leun - Senior Sales Director, CITIC Telecom International

" I think that the most interesting part of this event is again the possibility to join both the learning of the great speakers that are present here and also at the same time having the chance to be part of the telecommunication environment in such a lively and important region of the world, for the telecom industry at least. "

Luca Sacanna - Mitto AG

" I was very impressed with the facilities as well as the extra-curricular activities. Speakers and content are very good. Overall, I was very pleased. "

Naveen Menon - President (South East Asia), Cisco System


Great moments of BATIC

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